PARIS BACKLIT LED panel 25W 150 lm/W 4000K 595 mm


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Introducing our LED Panel Backlit, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to provide exceptional brightness and uniform illumination for a wide range of indoor applications.

The LED Panel Backlit utilizes a sophisticated backlighting technology that ensures consistent and even light distribution across the entire panel surface. The integrated LED light source is strategically positioned at the back of the panel, allowing the light to be diffused evenly through a high-transmission optical layer. This results in a glare-free and shadow-free illumination, creating a visually pleasing and comfortable lighting environment.

One of the outstanding features of our LED Panel Backlit is its remarkable brightness. With high-quality LEDs and an optimized light distribution design, these panels deliver an impressive level of brightness, providing excellent visibility and enhancing the overall atmosphere of any space. Whether it’s for offices, retail stores, hospitality venues, or educational institutions, our LED Panel Backlit ensures optimal lighting performance.

Energy efficiency is a key consideration in our LED Panel Backlit design. By utilizing advanced LED technology, these panels offer significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting options. The LEDs used in our panels are highly efficient and have a long lifespan, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs over time. You can enjoy brilliant illumination while keeping your energy bills in check.

Installation of our LED Panel Backlit is effortless. These panels are designed to be surface-mounted or recessed, providing flexibility and convenience during installation. The slim profile and lightweight construction make them easy to handle and integrate seamlessly into various ceiling types. Our LED Panel Backlit can adapt to your space requirements with its versatile installation options.

Durability is a key feature of our LED Panel Backlit. Constructed with high-quality materials, these panels are built to withstand daily wear and tear. They are resistant to impact, vibrations, and discoloration, ensuring long operational life and minimal maintenance. Our panels’ solid construction and reliability make them a cost-effective lighting solution for residential and commercial applications.

Safety is always a priority in our LED Panel Backlit design. These panels are designed to meet rigorous safety standards, including overheating protection and short circuit protection. They are also flicker-free, providing a stable lighting experience that reduces eye strain and enhances visual comfort.

Upgrade your lighting system with our LED Panel Backlit and experience the benefits of exceptional brightness, uniform illumination, and energy efficiency. Create a well-lit environment that enhances productivity, visual comfort, and aesthetics. Choose our LED Panel Backlit for a reliable and stylish lighting solution that elevates your space to new heights.





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