2 PIN 8mm LED strips connector (PCB-PCB)


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The EuroLight 2-Pin 8mm LED Strips Connector (PCB-PCB) is a reliable and convenient accessory that enables seamless connections between LED strips. Specifically designed for 8mm wide LED strips, this connector offers a practical solution for joining LED strips together or connecting them to power sources.

With a compact product size of 19.6 x 12.6 x 7.7 mm, the connector is small and unobtrusive, making it easy to install and discreetly integrate within your LED strip lighting setup.

The 2-Pin LED Strips Connector is capable of handling a maximum current of 5A, ensuring efficient power transfer and reliable performance for your LED strips. It provides a secure connection that prevents voltage drops and ensures consistent illumination.

This connector is suitable for use with various types of LED strips, including IP20, IP65A, IP65B, and IP66B. Whether you are using LED strips in indoor settings (IP20) or require different levels of weather protection for outdoor applications (IP65A, IP65B, IP66B), this connector is compatible and allows for seamless integration.

The EuroLight 2-Pin 8mm LED Strips Connector (PCB-PCB) offers a reliable and versatile solution for connecting your LED strip lighting system. With its compact size, maximum current rating of 5A, and compatibility with different types of LED strips, it provides a secure and efficient means of connecting LED strips together or to power sources.





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