TORONTO LED strip 14W IP20 96 LED/m


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The EuroLight Toronto LED Strip is an exceptional lighting solution that brings vibrant and customizable illumination to various indoor settings. With its IP20 rating, this LED strip is specifically designed for indoor use, offering flexibility and versatility for a wide range of lighting applications.

The Toronto LED Strip is a high-performance lighting product featuring a power rating of 14 watts per meter and consists of 96 high-quality LEDs per meter. This ensures a bright and uniform light output, providing ample illumination for both decorative and functional purposes. With its flexible design, the strip can be easily bent or curved to fit around corners, making it suitable for creative lighting installations.

Installing the Toronto LED Strip is a breeze thanks to its self-adhesive backing, which allows for easy mounting on various surfaces. The strip can also be conveniently cut at designated points, providing flexibility in adjusting the length to suit specific project requirements. This customization capability enables users to create captivating lighting designs in any space.

The Toronto LED Strip offers a wide range of color options, including vibrant RGB colors as well as single-color options, allowing users to create stunning lighting effects. Compatible with controllers, the strip enables easy adjustment of brightness, color, and lighting effects, empowering users to tailor the lighting to their desired ambiance and mood.

EuroLight ensures the durability and quality of their products, and the Toronto LED Strip is built to last. With a long lifespan, this LED strip delivers reliable and consistent performance over time, minimizing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, it is energy-efficient, consuming less electricity compared to traditional lighting sources, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.

From accent lighting to creative installations, the EuroLight Toronto LED Strip offers an exceptional lighting solution that combines functionality, versatility, and visual appeal. Its easy installation, customizable features, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for enhancing the ambiance and aesthetics of any indoor space.





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